Communication is Key to Success

As many business owners are aware, their ability to communicate is critical to their business’ success. They are also mindful that the current business environment has made it more challenging to communicate effectively as they did pre-coronavirus. As face-to-face and word of mouth communication have been significantly reduced, business communication has been transferred to the cloud, particularly when it comes to sharing information.

How the Cloud Helps Small Businesses

A primary benefit of cloud computing is that it allows smaller business access to the same type of technology that was once the larger businesses’ domain. This is accomplished through Reboot Networks using cloud technology to provide a range of services to small businesses while offering significant cost reduction.

By removing the need to maintain a physical server on your premises, you reduce the cost in staff hours and capital to keep your infrastructure up and running. In addition to our managed information technology services, we also offer cloud solutions such as:

  • Individual and Shared File Storage
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email
  • Email Security/Compliance Archiving
  • Online backup and Disaster Recovery

These solutions are designed to provide your small to medium-sized business access to the tools you need to compete at a price point you can afford. While these tools allow your business to operate at a higher level, it can all be for naught if your team and clients can’t communicate with each other.

Microsoft Services Can Answer the Collaboration Concerns

While most businesses only think of Microsoft in terms of Word and Excel, Microsoft Office 365 offers a wealth of cloud-based services benefiting businesses of any size. Most importantly, the very fact that the services are cloud-based adds to the value Microsoft products can bring to your business. If you’re interested in improving your team’s ability to collaborate internally and externally, Microsoft SharePoint can help.

Better Collabor­­ation with Microsoft SharePoint

As remote work continues to dominate the business arena, Microsoft SharePoint can empower your staff, whether remote or in-house, and provide them with the tools to collaborate wherever they are. With SharePoint, your team can create a customized collaboration environment best suited for their needs. Microsoft SharePoint makes sharing, managing, and finding documents more manageable. Its integration into your IT infrastructure can provide your organization with the means to immediately see the benefits of an integrated document management system, including:

  • A central shared platform for storing documents and files that improves efficiency and organization.
  • Clear and concise indexing to allow users to find things faster.
  • An integrated continuity protection system to ensure there is communication between users, so works are not overwritten.
  • A complete revision history that provides roll-back capabilities.

If your team is working in a mixed at home and on-premises environment, SharePoint allows your workflow to be more organized. Additionally, cooperation between users, departments, and clients will be frequent and more dependable. Communication is critical for completing the projects that will drive your business forward during these uncertain times.

We are SharePoint Experts

Every business is different and needs a unique solution to their communication concerns. Moreover, we realize that the typical small to medium-sized business may not have the resources to implement a fully actualized SharePoint solution.

Fortunately, Reboot Networks offers SharePoint solutions that can give your organization the flexibility it needs to communicate and collaborate with your team and your customers. We can assess your organization’s IT needs and develop a SharePoint interface to suit those needs. To learn more about your options, reach out to us at 888-REBOOT8.