Your Primary Wireless Network Needs to be Locked Down

Your main office Wi-Fi cannot be used for guest access. The same network that your computers, tablets, laptops, servers, and other equipment run on needs to be completely segregated so only approved devices and employees have access. This protects your network infrastructure and the sensitive data stored in it.

Having a guest network allows guests to your office to have internet access without putting the data stored on your network at risk. Even if bad actors or users with compromised machines sign on to your guest WiFi network, your data remains safe.

You need to ensure that your internal network is properly locked down, and that the password is never given out publicly, and is regularly updated or uses authentication mechanisms like RADIUS.

An additional consideration is how much bandwidth your guest wireless network will allow. Most modern access points can be configured with per-network bandwidth limitations so a visitor to your office streaming Netflix won’t inadvertently cause slow internet performance for the rest of your staff.

Even Guests Require Policies

You don’t want to simply deploy a free-for-all network for your guests to access without setting some ground rules. You could require users to agree to terms of service and you should definitely be able to monitor logs to detect any fraudulent activity. Depending on your office hours, you may also consider setting time restrictions so unauthorized users can’t access the network when your office is closed.

Deploying a guest network requires more than simply enabling a feature on your wireless access points. If you’d like help, we can start with a network audit and help you establish the security and best practices you need to keep your visitors safe and productive.

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