If you have a large enterprise and a small IT staff, or would simply like to reduce your in-house IT costs, we offer quality and reliable staff augmentation to fit your needs. We also provide vacation coverage for those times you need additional support, as well as project- based staff augmentation on all size projects. Our IT experts can be a part of your team and support your company as often as you’d like, for a fraction of the cost of employing full-time techs, and with a superior variety and depth of skills. Whatever your staffing needs are, we can help provide the support necessary to keep you and your business functioning flawlessly.

With multiple computers, servers, and other equipment, the task of maintaining systems can be daunting, but we can handle that for you. We test equipment to make sure it’s working up to its capacity, we export and archive important data to free up local space and keep your data intact, and we schedule automatic upgrades to ensure your system is running on the most recent version of your software. We use defined methods and procedures to ensure your maintenance is covered from A- Z, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Power outages, building fires, and other unexpected events can affect your business at any time. Planning in advance is essential in order to ensure a consistently smooth business flow during adverse conditions. A business continuity plan will consist of day-to-day operations that take place to guarantee your systems, system backups, help desk, and applications are available during an event that may disrupt your business. We will assess, design, and draft a detailed business continuity program for you. We then test to determine the impact of a disaster on your infrastructure and adjust, and customize to meet the needs of your business. We handle implementation and conduct your training, as well as annually certify the program. We make changes to the program as needed, to keep it compatible with your current infrastructure. With Reboot Networks on your side, you don’t have to worry about the unexpected affecting your daily business functions.

Government regulations regarding privacy, data security, and archiving are constantly growing and changing. Don’t let an audit catch you off-guard and potentially cost your company valuable time and money. In order to protect your company from headaches and fines, you need to be sure your IT infrastructure is secure, regularly maintained, and your stored data is easily accessible. We offer the tools and expertise needed to give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your core business functions.

Compliance laws and regulations continue to become more stringent each year. You must comply with patient confidentiality guidelines as well as standardized methods of information exchange among other healthcare providers. Above all, you must ensure your information is secure. A security breach can cost your company not only a massive headache and bad reputation, but also major fines. We offer a variety of services from hosted backup, network maintenance, security auditing, and archiving that help you remain compliant. Our services offer the comfort of knowing that you’re following compliance guidelines, your data is secure, and that you have easy access to records/ data when you need it.

Effectively complying with the Sarbanes- Oxley Act requires your business to ensure it has proper IT controls in place. The veracity, confidentiality, and accessibility of your data as well as methodical management of your IT infrastructure are now required by law. We have extensive experience in archiving, auditing, backup, security, and all other services required to maintain the proper IT controls your company needs to stay within SOX guidelines and out of trouble.

Business in today’s world involves all sorts of mobile technology. It’s no longer just cell phones, we now have tablets and all sorts of other devices to use while on-the-go. With new devices come new problems to troubleshoot and more devices to sync your email, contacts, and calendars to. We provide the troubleshooting services to handle your most distressing mobile device issues. We also handle all of the configurations for you. You can even consult with us before purchasing a new device and we’ll give you our expert opinion on what works best for your needs.

LAN support provided by Reboot Networks includes any device or software that connects to your business network- from PC’s to smart phones, including local applications like Microsoft Office as well as Internet applications. We provide the support your network needs to stay running strong.
Finding trustworthy, competent, and efficient service for company executives is exceedingly difficult, even with skilled in-house staff. For executives traveling globally, or working from home on the weekend, urgent IT needs often arise outside of your company’s normal support hours and locations. Whether they’re traveling around Europe or working from their home on the weekend, IT issues can arise at the most inopportune times. We offer those key executives remote office support for those times when they need help. Our 24 x 7 365 support covers these executives whenever they need it, wherever in the world they may be.

With nearly twenty years of experience working in IT, we’ve become experts on the right solutions for your company.

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