What our clients say about us

“Reboot Networks is a solutions-oriented company whose commitment to excellent customer service distinguishes them above others.”
Program Administrator, large philanthropic foundation
“Reboot Networks’ guidance was indispensable when we first set up the server and workstations in our office. They have consistently provided us with outstanding customer service, always attending to our needs in a professional manner and timely fashion. We’ve always felt we were in very good hands with Reboot.”
Office Administrator, Family Office
“Prior to employing Reboot Networks, all of our core functionality was being hosted on a single over-utilized Windows Server 2003 SBS server. Few, if any, components were centrally managed or monitored, and there was no integration with our remote site. Reboot Networks heightened efficiency by balancing over-utilized roles across four separate Windows Server 2008 servers, tightening security, adding our remote site to the WAN, and adding a monitoring and reporting layer to our infrastructure. We are excited to have finally found a competent, reputable IT firm that recommends and implements solutions that are in tune with our overall business strategy.”
CIO of a regulated medical data provider
“Our relationship with Reboot Networks extends 10+ years. With our acquisition of TV Guide, Reboot was the obvious choice to head the divestiture of user, computer, and server objects from Macrovision’s (NASDAQ:ROVI) network to the Lionsgate (NYSE:LGF) network. Reboot Networks successfully designed an AD infrastructure consistent with our future business goals, and migrated 1000+ objects within the allotted timeframe- all while concurrently maintaining our normal helpdesk support, and providing extended TV Guide migration support.”
Vice President of Information Technology at a large independent movie studio
“Outsourcing of IT support in a multi-location, public, biotechnology company subject to Sarbanes Oxley controls is a very strategic decision. Reboot stepped in and quickly addressed control issues as well as a high level of user dissatisfaction. The Reboot team virtualized our infrastructure that meets our constantly evolving demands as a bi-coastal, public company. Their solutions have been very cost effective, robust and transparent to our users.”
SVP/CFO of a regulated public company

With nearly twenty years of experience working in IT, we’ve become experts on the right solutions for your company.

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