It is an unfortunate fact of life in the ‘20s that implementing proper cybersecurity measures for businesses is no longer optional because the potential consequences for not doing it are so great. Businesses with lax cybersecurity leave themselves potentially exposed to bad actors who can significantly disrupt company operations, lock you out of critical online accounts, hold sensitive or proprietary information for ransom, make fraudulent wire transfers, communicate with customers and vendors as ‘you’, commit identity theft and more.

The financial impact from being hacked can be considerable and, sometimes, fatal to a business. The Colonial Pipeline hack in May 2021 has cost the company two million dollars and counting, including lost revenue from business operations being interrupted for 6 days, incidental costs incurred researching and recovering from the hack, paying a ransom to the hackers, and now lawsuits from customers whose businesses were impacted by that 6 day service interruption.

Small businesses are increasingly at risk for being breached because they often don’t have the in-house technical knowledge and resources required to implement and maintain cybersecurity measures or have a relationship with an outsourced IT provider that could manage it for them. So, there’s no ‘flying under the radar’, just because/even if your business is just one person.

For cybersecurity measures to be effective, they must be applied uniformly to everyone in an organization, C-level executives and regular employees alike. Some users may object to the small change that something like multifactor authentication makes to how they log on to your company’s online accounts and systems. But, just as Americans didn’t like but ultimately got used to taking off our shoes at the airport it because it was required to be able to fly, your employees need to understand that working with cybersecurity measures implemented by your organization is a condition of employment, with no exceptions.

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