About Us

Since our founding in 1997, we have worked on and lived through nearly all of the information technology issues that your Los Angeles, Seattle or Boston-based business might encounter. In 2023, we joined forces with Dataprise to combine our localized, personalized services with their premier nationwide IT platform.


Who we are

Our IT staff – based in Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle – consists of highly educated and highly IT certified individuals. Although we are technical experts, we’re not just geeks. Our broad experience includes everything from troubleshooting desktops, to designing and implementing the network infrastructure for businesses in excess of a thousand employees. We have the people skills to match our technical competence. We know how to deal with everyone from building contractors to VIPs requiring special support.

What we do

We work to understand your business and provide technology to help achieve your business goals. The recommendations we make for hardware and software are unbiased and favor high quality, strong support, and well-known manufacturers.

Reboot Networks has various service structures to meet your requirements. We offer per project billing, hourly billing, and monthly fixed cost arrangements.

The Reboot Way

Through delivery of quality technology consulting services, Reboot Networks continually focuses on bringing IT Equity® to our clients. We specialize in solutions that are scalable from the small business to the enterprise level client across Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston. Our people skills, technical expertise, and goal-focused methodology make us successful where others have failed.

IT Equity®

IT Equity: Business value created by leveraging properly designed and implemented technology solutions to achieve the goals of your company.

IT Equity® is a concept developed by Reboot Networks which expresses our belief that technology solutions should be designed and implemented to add value well beyond ordinary problem solving. The typical IT consulting company reacts to clients’ needs and fails to address customers’ true expectations, or more importantly, the long-term lasting value of the solution itself.

Reboot Networks, in addition to traditional computing considerations, also addresses relevant enterprise goals to minimize the toll of technology and maximize the return, leaving clients with increased IT value.


Daniel W. Dickenson

CEO, Reboot Networks

Dan is the CEO and founder of Reboot Networks, a services-based Information Technology firm launched in 1997. Today Dan focuses on fostering The Reboot Way of comprehensive excellence at all levels and in all aspects of company operations. Dan has been a regular presenter at major industry conferences on the topics of KPI reporting and cloud services business models in IT Service Providers. Though his role today is primarily team, peer, and customer-facing, Dan still relishes the technical aspects of IT including design of cloud-first architectures for small and medium businesses, data reporting and dashboarding, and R&D related to this constantly evolving business.

When not nerding out or otherwise engaged, you can find Dan enjoying outdoor activities with family or speeding down asphalt, snow, or water.

Jeremy J. Fitzgerald

COO, Reboot Networks

Jeremy is the COO of Reboot Networks and joined the team in early 2003, originally as the Director of Business Development. Among Jeremy’s many IT related talents, he excels in management, strategic partnerships, and solution selling. Jeremy has always had an interest in IT, and specifically joined the Reboot team to become part of a family that cared not only about its employees, but also about the success of its clients. Prior to Reboot Networks, Jeremy worked for several large multinational corporations managing Regional and National Business Development. Jeremy attended the University of Redlands where he graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Business and a minor in Psychology.

Jeremy currently resides in Southern California where he loves to tinker with computers and gadgets, and also spend quality time with his family. Outside of IT, Jeremy is a NFL enthusiast and also enjoys traveling.