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IT Equity®


Our extensive experience and our exceptional customer service combine to enable your team to spend time focused on your business, not on technology.

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“Reboot has been our IT specialist for more than 15 years. We don’t have to think about our computers, from deployment to protection to upgrades, as Reboot watches all of that for us. They have a full spectrum service that has worked well for us as a robust and growing medical supply manufacturer. We have always had employees working inside and outside the workplace and they have handled that well.”

General Manager of a medical supply manufacturing company

“Reboot has been our technology partner since our formation in 2016. As an SEC registered firm, we needed to put the right infrastructure in place and grow our program over the years to ensure the appropriate controls and security measures are in place. Reboot has been there every step of the way, efficiently implementing, maintaining, and enhancing our firm’s computer infrastructure and cybersecurity. As IT is ever evolving, we have complete confidence that Reboot knows our business and the steps needed to stay ahead of cyber-threats and keep us operating in a best in class IT environment. ”

Chief Administrative Officer of a registered investment manager

“Reboot partnered with us to identify and fill gaps in our cybersecurity profile moving our firm from a middle-of-the-road risk stance to leading-edge capabilities. The process was engaging and high quality and helped our firm exceed expectations of key financial industry regulators, especially for a small investment manager. Having an outsourced IT and cybersecurity partner, like Reboot, that can bring broad cross-industry experiences and expertise has been critical to our success in protecting personally identifiable information of investors and staff as well as other sensitive corporate information.”

CIO of a regulated investment manager

“Reboot Networks is a solutions-oriented company whose commitment to excellent customer service distinguishes them above others.”

Office Administrator, Family Office

“Reboot Networks’ guidance was indispensable when we first set up the server and workstations in our office. They have consistently provided us with outstanding customer service, always attending to our needs in a professional manner and timely fashion. We’ve always felt we were in very good hands with Reboot.”

Office Administrator, Family Office

“Our relationship with Reboot Networks extends 10+ years. With our acquisition of TV Guide, Reboot was the obvious choice to head the divestiture of user, computer, and server objects from Macrovision’s (NASDAQ:ROVI) network to the Lionsgate (NYSE:LGF) network. Reboot Networks successfully designed an AD infrastructure consistent with our future business goals, and migrated 1000+ objects within the allotted timeframe- all while concurrently maintaining our normal helpdesk support, and providing extended TV Guide migration support.”

Vice President of Information Technology at a large independent movie studio

“Outsourcing of IT support in a multi-location, public, biotechnology company subject to Sarbanes Oxley controls is a very strategic decision. Reboot stepped in and quickly addressed control issues as well as a high level of user dissatisfaction. The Reboot team virtualized our infrastructure that meets our constantly evolving demands as a bi-coastal, public company. Their solutions have been very cost effective, robust and transparent to our users.”

SVP/CFO of a regulated public company

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